Terms & Conditions

Installing and registering yourself in IMEpay automatically indicates that you agree with the Terms and Conditions mentioned hereunder. These terms and conditions will be considered as an agreement between you and IME Digital Ltd (IMEpay) having registered office at IME Complex, 6th Floor, Panipokhari, Kathmandu. Hence, kindly read the T&C carefully before proceeding.


  • “IME Digital” means IME Digital Solution Ltd.
  • “IME Pay” means the technology platform that enables the Wallet services managed and operated by IME Digital.
  • “Customer” means IME Pay wallet account holder.
  • “Merchant,” means parties (e.g. shops/outlets) that accept payments using IME Pay.
  • “Wallet” means a Wallet account of the Customer – opened and maintained in IME Pay.
  • “Agent” means parties (e.g. shops/outlets) that where customers can get over the counter services of IME Pay


  • Password and PIN associated with wallet will entirely be responsibility of Customer. Customer shall not disclose PIN/Password or permit possession of Wallet to any other person. Customer takes the full responsibility for any and all transactions made by the use of Wallet whether or not performed with his/her knowledge or authority.
  • Customer shall not reveal 4-digit PIN/Password to any other person. Customer shall immediately notify IME Digital, if the confidentiality of PIN/Password is compromised. Customer should request IME Digital to block account, cancel PIN or reset it via IMEpay app or by contacting our helplines i.e. 01-4217600 or 16600-16-16-16 but send written application along with their KYC documents within 24 hour after verbal request on call.
  • A customer shall operate only one wallet in IMEpay with their KYC documents. Customers found to have registered themselves in multiple wallets or using the KYC documents of any individual other than theirs (for any reason whatsoever) shall be dealt with as per IME Digital’s discretion, which includes blocking/locking/holding of wallets or reporting to regulatory bodies.
  • KYC documents of a customer once registered in a wallet cannot be changed. Request to change KYC details and wallet ownership from one customer to another cannot be done. In such scenarios, customer will be required to register a new wallet. IME Digital shall re-verify KYC documents of customer’s once in every two years and may contact the customer if a wallet’s KYC needs to be updated.

Terms of Service:

  • Customers can avail IME Pay services 24/7 except for times when the App is going through a system upgrade, which will be notified to the customer with In-app notifications and on our social media channels in advance.
  • Wallets in IME Pay found to be inactive for a long period of time usually more than 6 months may be suspended as per IME Digital’s discretion, which includes blocking/locking of wallets which can be re activated only after contacting IME Digital head office by customer and re- verifying the KYC of the customer.
  • IME Digital is not bound to carry out the instruction given through IME Pay, if such instruction appear suspicious to IME Digital.
  • IME Digital is under no obligation to honor any payment instruction unless there are sufficient fund in Wallet at the time of receiving such payment instruction.
  • Customer shall accept the IME Digital’s record of transactions as conclusive and binding for all purposes.
  • Funds claimed to be mistakenly transferred by the customer via wallet/agent transfer methods shall not be processed for refund or wallet adjustment until verification by IME Digital and full consent from the receiver’s end. IME Digital may put a hold on the funds in question or wallet ID while doing so. IME Digital is entitled to reverse entries made in error without any prior consent from customer
  • Any complain regarding scam/fraudulent activity will be evaluated by IME digital and if deemed necessary the wallet account that received complain can be put on hold. However blocking the wallet or reversal of funds cannot be done based on customer complain or request. The request for blocking or reversal of funds can be done through regulatory body’s written letter authorizing IME Digital to do the same.
  • IME Digital facilitates payment only and in no circumstance shall be responsible for the quantity, quality, suitability, safety or delivery of goods and services by Merchant. Customer understands that any issue or disputes regarding the warranty, guarantee, quality of goods and services and their exchange or refund will be addressed either by the manufacturer/ service provider or Merchant and Customer agrees to settle such issues and disputes directly with Merchant. However, IME Digital will assist Customer in resolving any issues with Merchant within 72 hours of receiving any complaints from Customer.
  • IME Digital shall not be liable, responsible or accountable in any way whatsoever arising by any malfunction or failure of the electronic devices/system or on the failure or delay on IME Digital to act on the instruction given via this medium. IME Digital shall not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred or suffered by Customer as a result of non-acceptance of instructions given on IME Pay.

Privacy Policy:

  • Unless required or requested by law or any government body, information pertaining to service provided to Customer or Wallet will be kept confidential.
  • Privacy Policy associated with the use of IMEpay App will be stated in the company’s website.

Risk Management:

  • As a method of risk management, IME Digital shall periodically monitor your transactions and reserves the right to terminate the membership, hold/block wallet, withdraw the privileges attached to Wallet at any time and to call upon Customer to surrender Wallet as per its discretion or, if it has a reason to believe that the customer has been involved in any violation of its T&C. IME Digital while doing so, may verify its suspicion through phone calls or personal contact with customers. IME Digital also reserves the right to report suspicious transaction to regulatory bodies as well as blocking or holding the wallet until such suspicions are not cleared either by customer or regulatory bodies.


  • Customer undertakes to indemnify IME Digital and to keep IME Digital indemnified against all losses, damage, cost or expenses incurred and sustained by IME Digital arising out of Customer’s failure to observe any of the terms and conditions herein mentioned.

Wallet discontinuation:

  • Customer’s wishing to block their wallet shall provide written instructions along with their KYC documents to IME Digital and in case of a verbal request provide the same within 24 hours after the request. Wallet block request dropped in Social media platforms will not be entertained. Funds need to be completely utilized by the customer when requesting to block their wallets. However, in some situation IME digital can transfer the funds between customers multiple wallets on customers written request.
  • Upon termination of membership or withdrawal of privileges of Wallet for any reason whatsoever, customer shall be liable for payment of the bills arising out of use of Wallet till it is not terminated.
  • IME Digital may temporarily or permanently block Wallet for breach of IME Pay Terms and Conditions by Customer
  • Reward points, in any case, will not be transferrable from one wallet to another.

Dispute and Grievances:

  • All or any disputes arising out in relation to the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be settled amicably by mutual discussion.

Charges and Commission related:

  • Commission and/or service charge shall be levied by IME Digital as applicable. Wallet shall be subject to the applicable charges as per IME Digital’s schedule of charges as revised from time to time. IME Digital shall always be entitled to recover any charges, expenses, fees, commission, mark-up, and penalties, withholding taxes levied by Government Department or authorities with or without notice to Customer.
  • Daily and monthly usage limit of Wallet will be set in accordance with the guidelines issued by Nepal Rastra Bank and the policy of IME Digital. Charges and commission related to each type of transaction will be stated in the IME Pay App while commencing the transaction or can be referred to the IME pay’s website


  • Agreeing to these terms and conditions shall conclude that you are capable and eligible to get into an agreement and shall stop the use of the wallet if you disagree with the T&C
  • IME Digital’s call center shall be the first point of contact for the customers. Issues put forward to the call center will be directed to concerned departments if necessary.
  • Use of IME Pay shall be subject to these terms and conditions, IME Digital’s prevailing rules and regulations and other conditions provided in its website – www.imepay.com.np (“IME Pay Terms and Conditions”).
  • IME Digital reserves the right to amend IME Pay Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice to Customer and such amended terms and conditions shall be binding on Customer. It will be the customer’s responsibility to review these T&C for any updates or changes.