Privacy Policy

We at IME pay, are committed towards protecting the privacy of our customers using policies regarding the collection, usage, and disclosure of the information provided to the customer.

IME Digital and all of its staff members shall be committed to respect and protect the privacy of its customers. All the personal information about the customers provided on transaction forms, application forms, annual reports, etc., shall be deemed confidential. Any such information collected from the customer shall be in possession of the company and be kept confidential. It shall be passed on to a statutory body only in accordance with the existing law. Further, staff members, officials, or the management body shall not disclose any information provided to the Financial Information Unit, NRB nor divulge the facts/confidentiality of the document that has/had come into knowledge during investigation and inquiry or during the execution of own duties to any other persons including the customers through any means except under the circumstances as may be required by the prevailing laws.

Personally identifiable information includes all information to identify an individual user


Information collection


Information is collected as per the Directives made by Nepal Rastra Bank.

  • Upon registering wallet yourself as an Unverified User, and/or to access services, users will only need to provide their Mobile Number and Full Name.
  • If any Agency/Firm/Company, is being registered as An Agent / Distributor / SubAgent, Merchant, a physical/digital form needs to be filled up, agreement signed and submitted to IME Digital. The details are collected
    • Mobile Number
    • Name of the Agent Business (only registered business name will be valid not individual person)
    • Personal details of the directors
    • Business Type
    • Registration Certificate
    • Address (State, District, Municipality/Village Municipality, Ward Number, City, Street/Tole)
    • Secondary contact details
    • Bank Details (Optional)
    • Business Document PAN, MOA, AOA
    • License (if any)
  • If someone is being enrolled, as a Verified User, a physical/digital form needs to be filled up and submitted at the agent location, which in turn is forwarded to us digitally or physically. Personal information collected and held us may include:
    • Mobile Number
    • First, middle and last Name
    • Gender
    • Date Of Birth
    • Nationality
    • Father/Husband Name
    • Grandfather Name
    • Marital Status
    • Occupation
    • Email
    • Current and Permanent Address (State, District, Municipality/Village Municipality, Ward Number)
    • Proof of identity (citizenship, Voters ID, passport, valid driving license)


IME Digital collects, stores, processes the following types of sensitive personal information such as a password, financial information (including details of bank account details), and location detail for providing our products, services via Mobile phone and for use of our website.

We may also hold information related to our customer’s utilization of our services the use of our mobile app which may include the following:

  • User Camera / Gallery Photo
    This feature is used to capture images while filling out KYC documents and updating profile pictures within the app. The images are stored in the server and will be shared with other IME Pay users to verify identity while sending and requesting money over the IME Pay application.
  • Network State and Internet Access
    The application connects to a dedicated API to complete transactions services provided within. It uses these permissions to check if there is any connection to the internet as well as to connect to the internet if not connected.
  • Read Contacts
    The application accesses the user’s phone contacts to select a contact so that the phone number of contacts could be populated in the IME Pay app instead of having to manually type phone numbers while using various services of the IME Pay application. Contact information is not stored in the server and is not shared via the internet.
  • User SMS
    App is able to send and receive SMS through user’s device to forward transaction request and confirm transaction status respectively whenever there is no internet available. The user bears sent SMS charge based on the tariff of network provider. Receiving SMS is however free of cost to the user.
  • Precise Location Permission (non-continuous)
    Certain feature like Agent locator requires access to location service to display near agents in the map.


Information usage


The information that we collect from users is used, in order to:

  • Verify user’s identity
  • Complete transaction effectively as per user’s request
  • Communicate about changes to our services
  • Respond to user’s queries in relation to service or assistance
  • Protect from unauthorized use of the wallet
  • Promote and market our products and services, which we think could be of interest to user and may benefit them.
  • Safeguard against fraud, money laundering, and misuse of account incorporating necessary identity verification


Disclosure of information


User’s information will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to other parties except required by the regulator and/or users agree for the disclosure.
We may keep a log of the activities performed by users and websites using various internet techniques such as web cookies, server log files, etc. for analytical purposes and for analysis of the amiability of various features on our site.
This information may be used to provide users with a better experience with our platform along with evidentiary purposes.
In case of users do not provide their information or consent for the usage of personal information or later on withdraw their consent for the usage of the personal information so collected, IME Digital reserves the right to, not provide the services or to withdraw the services for which the said information was sought.


Updates and changes to privacy policy


Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. Any changes in our privacy policy will be revised and the updated date will be posted, at the bottom of this page. However, if there is a significant change in the policy, we will provide a more prominent notice through SMS, push notifications, email, etc.

“Your consent to use IME Pay will adhere to above mentioned privacy policy.”