IME helping Financial Inclusion in Nepal.


Women Empowerment

IME’s training center successfully organized Phase IV of the Digital Gaun Abhiyan. Digital Gaun Abhiyan is a training initiative that commenced in February of 2019, as a medium to educate the public in rural areas about digital services. The key motive was to encourage participants to download IMEPAY App and recommend the same to others. According to Madhav Katuwal (IME Limited, Head of Sales Training Department), in the future the Digital Gaun Abhiyan committee plans to reach major remote areas like Doti, Bhajhang and Darchula, where there is lack of banking services. The team already has plans to undertake the Digital Gaun Abhiyan in 20 districts of Nepal in this fiscal year.

The IME training committee’s ultimate motto is to encourage the rural public to make proper use of our wide POS network, whether it be for cash transfer and payments or to utilize IME Pay services. Looking at the bigger picture, Digital Gaun Abhiyan is a CSR initiative taken by IME Pay for the community with the aim to empower them with the access and knowledge of the digital payment system.