Pay your Khanepani Sansthan Bill via IME Pay

Posted on: Mon Feb 15 2021

Travelling all the way to government offices, standing in long queue, managing time just to reach there to make payments before the office closes is all in the past. These time consuming means of payment can now easily be completed within a few taps on your smartphone. IME Pay app, a secure and reliable digital service provider, allows users to make bill payments from the comfort of their own home. Quick and convenient Water Bill payment are one of the services we provide.

The following list of Water Bill payment (Khanepani Sansthan) are available in IME Pay.

  1. Aabu Khaireni Khanepani
  2. Agyauli Khanepani Tatha Sarsafai Upa Sa
  3. Amritpani Khanepani
  4. Attariya Khanepani
  5. Balkot Khanepani
  6. Bardaghat Khanepani
  7. Bardibash Khanepani
  8. Belchautara Khanepani Tatha Sarsafai Upabhokta Samiti
  9. Beni Khanepani
  10. Bhadgaun Karadi Khirkhadi Khanepani
  11. Bharatpur Khanepani (Dang)
  12. Bharatpur Khanepani B.Board
  13. Bishnudol Khanepani Aayojana
  14. Brihat Bijuwar Khanepani
  15. Budhabare Khanepani
  16. Dadhikot Khanepani
  17. Damauli Khanepani
  18. Deurali Sotikhola Khanepani tatha Sarsafai Upabhokta Sanstha
  19. Dhankuta Khanepani Tatha Sarsafai Upabhog Samiti
  20. Dhulabari Khanepani
  21. Dhulikhel Khanepani
  22. Dudhrakhshya Devisthan Kh.Up.T.Sa.S
  23. Gaindakot Khanepani
  24. Gauradaha Khanepani
  25. Ghorahi Khanepani
  26. Gunjanagar Khanepani Tatha S.U.Sami
  27. Hetauda Khanepani
  28. Indrapur Khanepani
  29. Ishworpur Khanepani
  30. Itahari Khanepani
  31. Jagatpur Kerunga Khanepani
  32. Jaluke Water Supply And Sanitation Users Organisation
  33. Jansewa Khanepani
  34. Jutpani Kahanepani Tatha Sarsafai
  35. Jutpani Khanepani
  36. Kakarvitta Khanepani
  37. Katunje Ghatekhola Khanepani Samiti
  38. Katunje Subarneshwor Khanepani
  39. Kawasoti Khanepani
  40. Khandbari Khanepani Upabhokta Tatha Sarsafai Sanstha
  41. Lakhanpur Khanepani
  42. Lalbandi Khanepani
  43. Lekhnath Khanepani-Pokhara
  44. Lubhu Khanepani
  45. Mangadh Khanepani Ayojana (birat)
  46. Meghauli Kha.Pa.Sa.Ta.U.Sa
  47. Mukundapur Khanepani
  48. Narayani Saha Lagani Khanepani
  49. Narayanpur Khanepani-Dang
  50. Nijgadh Khanepani
  51. Pando bazar Khanepani
  52. Parsa Khanepani
  53. Pathlaiya Khanepani
  54. Phidim Khapepani Tatha Sarasaphai Upabhokta
  55. Piple Khanepani
  56. Pithuwa Khanepani
  57. Prithivinarayan Khanepani
  58. Rampur Khanepani
  59. Ratnanagar Khanepani – Chitwan
  60. S S Khanepani
  61. Sainamaina Khanepani
  62. Shivalaya Khanepani
  63. Shivnagar Khanepani
  64. Simara Khanepani
  65. Sukkhad Khanepani
  66. Sunawal Khanepani
  67. Surkhet Khanepani
  68. Surunga Khanepani
  69. Suryabinayak tindhara lift Khanepani
  70. Tarakeshwor Khanepani Tatha Sarsafai Upabhokta Samiti
  71. Thaiba Khanepani
  72. Tikapur Khanepani
  73. Tulshipur Khanepani
  74. Urlabari Khanepani upabhokta tatha sarsafai sanstha
  75. Vijayanagar Pumping Khanepani Tatha Sarsafai Upabhokta Sanstha
  76. Waling Khanepani

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