Invite Friends

Tell the tale on IME Pay among friends by sharing your unique Invitation Code through SMS and social networking sites and get paid for every new friend that signs up to IME Pay using your code 

About invite feature

How it works?


Send invitation to your friend through messages, different social media & anyway you want to.

Sign up

Your friend signs up into IME Pay using your code.

Earn Reward

You both get awarded with reward points upon verification.

IME Pay Benefits

Invite and Earn

Get paid on every new friend that joins IME Pay.


Anyone can participate.

Personalized Dashboard

View earned reward points and track your friends all in one place.

Find answer to your frequently asked questions.



Who can participate in the Invite program?

Anyone who is registered into IME Pay can participate in the invite program.


How do I get started with the invite function?

  • Go to ‘Invite & Earn’ menu from More section. And tap on ‘Send Invitation’ button.
  • Sync your contacts if you are using the feature for the first time.
  • Send your invitation code on WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS or any other app supported by your mobile phone.
  • Ask your friend to click on the link and sign up into IME Pay.
  • You both will be awarded reward points upon verification.

Can I invite multiple friends into IME Pay?

Of course, you can invite multiple friends into IME Pay at a time via different social networking model. However, you can invite only one friends at a time via SMS.


What do my friends need to do so that I can get my reward points?

Your friend simply needs to register into IME Pay using your invitation code and get his/her KYC verified by Head Office(HO).  Only then you will be eligible for the reward points.


5. I haven’t received my reward. Who do I contact about this?

If you have not received reward points for your invitation, make sure the contact you used to invite has registered into IME Pay. If they have not registered yet, ask them to join IME Pay and get rewarded.

You can also check the referral status in your Invite History section. For additional help, you can call IME Pay support center at 16600161616, 01-4217600

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