How to track Money?

IME Pay helps you get the real time updates on the status of your money transfer. Just enter the following details and immediately get updated on your money status;

  1. Select the sender country
  2. Enter Control number as sent by the sender
  3. A page gets displayed showing the status bar for the money transfer availability along with the transfer details. Transfer details includes following details;
    • Sender Name
    • Amount sent by the sender
    • Date on which money is sent
    • Country Name from where sender has sent mone
    • Status of money transfer whether it is paid or unpaid.

Here includes two button: ‘Nearby Agents’ and ‘Receive Money’. You can view nearby agents if you tap on ‘Nearby agents’. Tapping on ‘Receive Money’ you need to follow instructions as stated on ‘How to Receive Money?’ section.

Find Agents

Your nearest agent location is just a click away. We have around 9000 normal agents and 170 IME Center scattered at different locations at Nepal. Just explore our agent list to find out the nearest branch to send the money to your loved ones back home or withdraw received cash from agent location.