Booking and buying Simrik air tickets is just a few taps away with IME Pay digital wallet.


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Step 1

Go to ‘Home’ and tap on ‘Airlines’ under “Ticketing’.

Step 2

Select your trip type – ‘One Way’ or ‘Round Trip’.

Step 3

Select your current location from drop-down menu under ‘From’, your destination from drop-down menu under ‘To’ and enter your departure date. Enter your arrival date in case of round trip.

Step 4

Select your nationality from drop-down menu, select number of passengers for both adult and children and tap on ‘Done’. Then, tap on ‘Search’.

Step 5

Or tap on filter icon on top right side of screen for filtering list of flights on basis on airlines, ticket type and price. Once filtered, tap on apply. You’ll see filtered list of flights.

Step 6

Tap on Yeti Simrik flights as per your choice from the list and tap on ‘Book Flight’. Also, tap on arrival flight as per your choice in case of round trip.

Step 7

Enter contact person’s full name, mobile number and email address. Tap on ‘I am also Passenger’ if you are travelling too.

Step 8

Enter each passenger’s full name, title and nationality and tap on ‘Continue Booking’.

Step 9

You’ll see a review of your ticket. If every detail is correct, tap on ‘Buy Tickets’.

Step 10

Enter your 4-digit PIN and tap on ‘Confirm’.

Step 11

Once your ticket is confirmed, tap on bell icon on top right side of screen, go to ‘My Tickets’ and tap on ‘Flight Tickets’. You’ll see your flight ticket there.

Step 12

Tap on ‘Download’ and give necessary access to IME Pay.

Step 13

Your Simrik air ticket is now downloaded on PDF format on your mobile phone.

Step 14

Show same PDF at airport ticket counter. You don’t need to print your ticket anymore.

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Never let due payments sour your life and make it dull. Settle it right away with IME Pay.


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