What is IME Pay?

IME pay is a mobile application which provides easy payment solutions for day to day needs. With the introduction of IME pay, we strive to make money transfer and payments easy by bringing it to your mobile phones.

IME pay is a result of innovation through revolutionary technology, and offers a basket of services especially designed to meet every user’s payment needs.

What can I do with IME Pay?

Instant transfer of money via phone to family and friends.
Mobile Airtime TopUp (NTC, Ncell, Smart Cell)
Utility Bill Payment (Water, Landline, Electricity, Internet, TV etc.)
School/ College Bill Payment
Airlines/ Bus tickets
Restaurant Bill Payment
Movie Tickets
Note: The features are being added.

How do I get IME pay wallet?

Download IME pay app from Google App store and get registered by entering your mobile number. (Which is also your wallet ID).

How do I get started with IME pay?

As you install IME pay in your mobile phone, you can now login to IME pay. Placing your mobile number into the application will provide you a verification code via SMS which is redirected to the app.Follow through the steps and start using services.

What is my transaction limit?

On self-registration you can make a transaction of Rs. 500 at once and Rs. 5000 per month. To be able to make transaction according to the need, please get yourself verified from our nearest agents.

How do I get verified?

As per regulatory requirement of NRB (Nepal Rastra Bank), any person willing to make e-transaction above Rs. 500 and Rs. 5000 per month from any electronic medium has to have KYC (Know Your Customer) details submitted to its Service Provider.

You can get KYC form from nearest IME Agent. Fill up the complete details with your recent passport size photo and copy of citizenship attached to it. You will be verified within 24 hrs.

How do I load balance in my IME Pay?

Please visit our nearest agents to load money into IME pay. Nearest IME Agents can be viewed from Agent locator option provided on IME pay app.

Alternately, you can also load money into wallet from your bank account. For this you need to Link your bank account with your IME pay. You will be able to pull & push money from your bank account directly to IME pay wallet and vice versa.

How do I link with banks?

To link IME pay with your respective bank account, you need initiate request to link bank via IME pay app. Once the link request is placed, you need to visit bank branch and fill up short “bank link request form”.

Note: Bank linking process takes 2-3 business days and applicable charges are deducted from the wallet.

Do I need to link my Bank account with IME Pay wallet?

It is not mandatory to link bank account with IME pay app. However, linking your wallet with bank will enable you to load cash into wallet from any location and at any point of time.

Do I need to be connected in Internet to use IME Pay from my mobile?

Although IME pay supports online and offline transactions via app, for now,you need internet to access IME pay App. IME pay in your mobile is SMS based app which can be used from NTC and Ncell carrier.

Will I be charged for using IME Pay?

You will be charged Rs. 50 per year to link your bank account and pull money to your IME pay. Besides you will not be charged any extra by IME pay for bill payment services, mobile airtime topup, airlines/ bus ticket, restaurant bill payment, movie tickets etc. Instead you can earn instant cashback from transaction you have done.

Do I need to have Internet Banking or Mobile Banking of my Bank to pull money in my IME Pay?

No. You do not need any Internet/ Mobile Banking to use IME pay. Addition to it, you can get your Bank account Mini Statement, Balance details in your IME pay directly.

Can I add multiple Bank accounts in my IME Pay?

Yes, you can add multiple bank accounts with your IME pay and pull money from your desired bank account as per your convenience. The process is same as mentioned before.

How do I exchange my wallet balance with hard cash?

You need to proceed transaction by going “cash out” option in IME pay app. Enter the mobile number of agent from whom you take cash along with the amount to be withdrawn. Request to agents will be submitted hence agent will provide you with physical cash.

Note: charges applied

How do I find the nearest agents?

The extreme left menu include sub-menu “Agent Locator”. Selecting this menu will take you to the landing page where you can choose agents near your radius.

I did not get any confirmation message for my transaction.

This happens only if there is a network problem. Although you can check your transaction message from the app itself.

Go to: ‘My Message’ and enter the pin. Your transaction message will be displayed.

Please note: you need to be online in order to fetch the message.

How to reset password?

Go to menu bar and select “Forgot PIN” menu. You will be asked to reset your PIN by answering security questions. The system fetch one random security questions among five security questions that you have set before logging to the system. Answering the correct answer will help you reset your password. New pin will be published and sent via sms to the user.

What to do if my app stops working?

Please exit and try again. If the error persist then contact customer care.

Do I need to answer all my security questions?

Yes answering all the security question allows you to verify the account in case you forget your pin. If security question has not been answered and you have lost your pin then you need to contact our customer service and go through a formal process in order to verify the account.

Will my wallet be deactivated?

No. You cannot deactivate IME pay wallet. Instead if you do not want to further use the service, you can visit the agent location and block your account.